We offer all of our foals for sale as weanlings. Our foals will be gently handled and broke to lead. They will be weaned for two weeks and eating grain and hay. All of our foals will be vaccinated at weaning time and followed up with an appropriate booster 4 weeks later. We vaccinate with EWT+ WNV, Flu, Rhino and Rabies. Foals will also be dewormed with Safeguard at that time as well. We typically halter break and wean around 5 months of age. Sometimes we will wean sooner if needed. We do accept down payments to hold a foal SALE PENDING before they are weaned. Please contact us for any questions. Sometimes we offer some of our broodmares for sale as well. Please inquire for more pictures and video.

As an additional service, we now are taking consignments and offering them to the public as well. Each consignment horse will have a different protocol than our own. Please be sure to ask us. Consignment horses may be located differently than ours as well.